2022–23 at a glance

Throughout 2022–23, we collected billions of dollars in revenue that allows the government to provide important services for all Victorians.

Over the past 12 months, we built upon our strong reputation as a trustworthy, reliable and high-performing organisation that is essential to the functioning of our state.

$8.7B land transfer duty (6.3% above forecast)
$8.3B payroll tax assessed (16.5% above forecast)
$5.4B land tax assessed (1.6% above forecast)
$976.5M assessed via compliance
2.66% debt-to-revenue ratio (reduced from 3.16%)
Delivering for Victorians
$712.4M land transfer duty savings for first home buyers
11,351 First Home Owner Grant applications paid
2,874 successful Victorian Homebuyer Fund applications
$8.7M unclaimed money returned to rightful owners (14,273 claims paid)
4,891 pensioners accessed exemptions and concessions to help buy their own home
Working for our customers
242,967 phone calls received
47,826 emails managed
82% customer satisfaction level
1,455 private rulings and exemption decisions issued
58.8M website page views
10.3M website visitor sessions
3.5M calculator visits
186,732 email subscribers