Commissioner’s message

I am very pleased to present the 2022–23 Annual Review for the State Revenue Office Victoria.

We have achieved a lot as an organisation in the past 12 months, collecting the highest amount of revenue we ever have in a financial year.

Our results contribute to the effective functioning of Victoria, enabling the government to provide services to the people of our great state.

The year in review

This year we expanded our workforce to deliver services to the government, we increased revenue collection through compliance activities and we effectively prepared for and implemented new initiatives.

This past year, $26.9 billion in total revenue was assessed.

Additionally, we:

  • continued to deliver high-quality customer service, responding to 242,967 phone calls and receiving a customer satisfaction level of 82%
  • assessed $976.5 million through compliance activities, the most we ever have in a year
  • provided expert advice on tax technical matters to customers through the delivery of 1,455 private rulings
  • assisted 2,702 households to purchase a home as part of the Victorian Homebuyer Fund (VHF).

This year, we took an active approach in terms of debt management. With a full return to business-as-usual activities after the COVID-19 pandemic, we reduced our debt ratio from 3.16% on 1 July 2022 to 2.66% on 30 June 2023. These strong numbers are the result of legal actions, targeted debt reduction campaigns and other compliance activities, including our continued focus on customer education.

We also continued to modernise our revenue management systems throughout 2022–23 by enhancing our online services, trialling new technology platforms and improving the way we manage data.

Our people have been the backbone of developing the new initiatives, such as the windfall gains tax and casino tax, which both took effect on 1 July 2023.

The year ahead

On 1 July 2023, we commenced our new Strategic Plan which covers the period to June 2027 and articulates our purpose and key strategic goals to deliver our vision.

Key areas of focus are:

  • Fair and efficient revenue management – Our revenue management services are delivered to meet government expectations and KPIs are achieved.
  • People excellence – A highly engaged, customer-focused, innovative and agile workforce.
  • Excellent customer experience – Customers and their representatives are satisfied with our services.
  • Modernise technology – We have a comprehensive, modern and efficient revenue management system.
  • Maximise compliance – Voluntary compliance is improved, and back-end compliance revenue targets are met.

I look forward to seeing us continue to deliver on our vision of being one of Victoria’s best performing organisations.

Paul Broderick Signature

Paul Broderick
CEO and Commissioner of State Revenue Victoria