Customer assistance and support

In 2022–23, Customer Services received 242,967 phone calls and managed 47,826 emails. As we modernise our digital services, we continue to see a decrease in calls received each year, with 2022–23 dropping by over 16% from the previous year.

As an essential service, our call centre remains a focus and key to providing an excellent customer experience. In 2022–23 we invested in enhancing tax-technical knowledge, soft customer service skills and further investment in additional staff.

For 2022–23, we received 8,738 completed contact centre surveys and recorded a customer satisfaction level of 82%. We are also included on the Forrester Australia Government CX Index, placing first for the calendar year 2022 in the category of customer service.

242,967 phone calls received 2022–23
290,031 phone calls received 2021–22
47,826 emails received 2022–23
44,810 emails received 2021–22